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Refugee Community Kitchen 

Hiya. I just for back from Calais. Volunteering at the Refugee Community Kitchen. An amazing place, where they feed 2000 people every day!! If any of you out there feel like doing some great work in the biggest kitchen I've ever seen. Then go for it. They need

every body they can get. They also need help in the wood yard, as they supply over 3.5tons of wood every day. And in the clothes dept. It's a great opportunity to gain experience, meet new people from all over. Eat some amazing food. And help thousands of refugees. This place has been running 4 years now and only had 6 days off, due to van breakdowns!!!! All through donations and volunteers, nobody gets paid everyone is equal. A brilliant community spirit. And great music pumping out all day to keep everyone bouncing.. All you have to do get there. Photos are just from one day. This goes on EVERY DAY and they need your help.

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