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Dog Grooming Tools


South East Precision Sharpening can provide all types of scissor and clipper sharpening for Dog Groomers in Sussex.

sharpening. For example: Flat bevel-convex bevel-thinners-chunkers and curved scissors. Also left handed scissors.

We are also able to re-address the corrugations on corrugated scissors, i.e.Roseline scissors. 

We carry plenty of spare parts for and damaged or broken scissors, as well as re-setting and re-profiling dropped scissors.

We also provide a dog groomers clipper blade sharpening service. We are able to sharpen all makes and models of clipper blades and trimmer blades. 

Flat Bevel Scissors    £7

Convex Edge Scissors    £10

Thinners/Chunkers    £10

Serrations/Corrugations    £2

Dog Grooming Clipper Blades    £6

Dog Grooming Trimmers    £6

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