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Mobile Knife sharpening for both the professional caterer or the home chef who likes to keep their knives and tools with a keen sharpness.

We offer a knife sharpening service for all types of knives. Japanese knives, bread knives, fish knives and cleavers.

 We  have a dedicated stone wheel, which passes through a water bath, rotating very slowly, preventing your blades heating up and losing their temper. The blades are then polished up on mops, giving a 3000grit mirror finish.

WE sharpen at a 30degree angle, which gives them a very sharp and very strong edge that will last a very long time. Or you can choose whatever angle you prefer.

If you have dropped your knife and lost the tip, or taken nicks out of the edge, Fear not! I can re-profile and re-tip your knives, bringing them back to brand new again.

All knives    £2.50+25p per inch.

All knives. Including Japanese knives-serrated knives-fish knives-pen knives-cleavers etc.

Small knife nick repairs (less than 1mm)    £0.00

Large knife nick repairs (more than 1mm)    £2.50

Major knife nick repair (more than 3mm)    £5

Knife re-tipping    £5

Knife re-profiling    £5

Pizza Wheels small    £4

Pizza wheels large    £5

Scissors    £5

Poultry Scissors    £7

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