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Nothing is more important in carpentry than keeping your tools sharp.

We offer a professional chisel sharpening service as well as planer blades.

These are done on a dedicated chisel/planer blade sharpening machine, a vertical diamond belt sander. Diamond belts are used to keep your chisels/planer blades from heating up during the sharpening process and losing their temper. Going up to a 3000grit belt, this gives them a razor edge and a mirror finish- We also flatten the backs of the blades, as mostly this is not done at the manufacturing stage, so quite often, you will get your tools back sharper than when you first buy them.

South East Precision Sharpening also provides a circular saw blade sharpening service on a dedicated circular saw blade sharpening machine with a diamond wheel, this stops the teeth heating up whilst being sharpened and to not loose their temper.

We also provide a drill bit sharpening service. We can put a twist on the tips, making them more stable during initial use, and a lot faster at cutting.

With South East Precision Sharpening, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.


Less than 1inch    £3

More than 1inch    £4

More than 2inches    £5

If the chisels are damaged, there will be an extra charge. But they will come back as new.

Planer Blades    £5

If planer blades are damaged, there will be an extra charge, But they will come back as new.

Circular Saw Blades    30p per tooth.

All circular saw blades up to 700mm including tungstan-cnc tips.

Drill bits    £2

I can put a split into the drill bit making it sharper faster and more stable if required.

Wood drill bit £3-£10 depending.

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