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The garden shed has many tools that need to be kept sharp for them to work efficiently.

We can sharpen spades, shovels, hoes, and edging tools. We can also sharpen  garden shears, secateurs, pruners and your lawnmower blades. Your power tools, such  chainsaws and hedge trimmers can also be given a new lease of life!

Garden Shears/Edging Shears    £10

Items taken apart, cleaned, oiled and refurbished.

Secateurs    £3

Shovels/Spades/Hoes    £5

Axes    £5

Edging Cutters    £10

Loppers    £6

Long reach loppers    £7.50

Billhooks/Matoks/Sickles    £6

Even old rusty ones.

Rotary Lawnmower Blades    £8

Including balancing. Please remove the blade beforehand.

Chainsaw Chains    £6

Standard chain. Please remove the chain beforehand.

Hedge Trimmers    £20

Petrol or Electric.

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